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Safe your Email Reputation offers you a FREE Domain – Sender (Mail-From) for each account with monthly subscription. Your free Sending Domain with proper done settings by our tech support will increase your inbox-rate and will protect your primary domain reputation. Your monthly subscription account would be at least 20 000 Emails per month

Terms of Use:

  • Domain .INFO
  • Email is like:
  • The name of the domain is similar to your main domain or similar to your landing page/campaign. Sample: If your domain is MYPHOTO.COM and your landing page is SHARE.MYPHOTO.COM – your new free domain-sender could be MYPHOTO.INFO or SHAREMYPHOTO.INFO
  • If the choosen domain had been taken our team will suggest you the most closed name to your primary domain
  • For each set domain for reputaion you will receive free POP3 login и Web Login to the email.
    (See POP 3 settings here >>)


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